I know that half of you have set reminders in your calendar and will have been tapping your watches watching for this, the other half of you will be just getting in from shopping/the game/pretending you were at a game but being in the pub or are on your way back from Southend.  Either way, you’ve all been wet and cold today and are dying for something to warm you up.

Well here’s your annual treat from TNS and Savile Rogue…

Since 2006 Savile Rogue have been making the world’s finest football scarves. Traditional bar scarves only in soft, pure cashmere wool instead of cheap nylon. They also make other lovely stuff for the more stylish fan; cashmere beanie hats, socks, wrist-warmers, sweaters and so on.

You can see their wares at www.Savile-Rogue.com and follow them on Twitter @savilerogue.  They’re offering every TNS reader 10% of all of their wares.  All you need to do is use the code: 10TNS when making any order between now and December 13th.

On top of that, they’ve also given us a £62 cashmere Wigan scarf as a prize – the winner can choose from any of these scarves in Wigan colours. Simply answer the question below, in an email to thisnorthernsoul@gmail.com by 17:00 on Wednesday 2nd December.

What is the name of this Latics mascot from yesteryear, who may or may not be wearing a Savile Rogue scarf?





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