Where do we go from here?

Paul Cook

Where do we go from here? It isn’t losing against Hull that’s the problem, it’s the manner of the loss that most certainly is. Latics have given away a startling number of points from winning positions away from home this season, nineteen at the last count. The fact we haven’t won away from home since

Getting better – all the time

Wigan Athletic celebrate

The week didn’t begin as many would have hoped but it’s certainly got better as it’s gone on. We’ve a pretty poor record following international breaks, one of the few benefits of being in League One was the lack of international breaks, being able to build a run of form without having it interrupted with

The Great Escape?

The Great Escape?

We’ve perhaps had a little bit of stick aimed in our direction here at Pie At Night for not being Warren Joyce’s biggest fans. And yes by and large we didn’t think Caldwell shouldn’t have been sacked and doing so has hardly had the desired effect.

Yet something happened on Saturday which perhaps gave us some food for thought. You see, Wigan Athletic won a football match. OK it wasn’t in the league and Nottingham Forest were truly awful but maybe, just maybe there is a glimmer of light appearing from the dark corridor of relegation we’ve been staring at these past few months.

You see, Warren Garton Joyce has previous at this, in spite of those questioning his managerial credentials. It may have been 18 years ago, at a lower level, when football was a very, very different beast from what it is now but Warren Joyce is a man who can get teams out of what is, let’s be honest, a right pickle.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. The article below is reproduced by kind permission of Hull CITY website (the CITY bit is important!) Amber Nectar and tells a tale of how one man took a failing football team who were adrift and in danger of going out of the league and saved them. That man was Warren Joyce…….

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