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Ho ho ho and we have got a festive treat for you as the latest Mudhutter hits the snow coated streets of Wigan, Lancashire.

Let’s be honest, the only festive thing about it is the cover, and that’s a pile of cr*p too. But at least it’s been polished, and that’s what we do you see. Churning out the same old nonsense every time, but for some reason you seem to like it, dear reader.

Actually, we are doing our dearly, beloved contributors a dis-service there as their fingers are literally bleeding such is the dedication they put into banging away on the keyboard to produce 48 heartfelt pages for your delection.

That’s not to forget our hardy bunch of sellers: who else would stand out in the freezing cold, braving rain, snow and ice just to bring you our own, carefully curated Wigan Athletic fanzine?

Well, we certainly wouldn’t had we known the weather was going to be this cack! No, we’d have done it two weeks ago but there’s no going back now.

So what’s in it I hear you cry? I could tell you that Les Bagg missed the last train back from Blackpool, that Tat has drawn some mildly offensive cartoons and Tony Topping has done a lovely nostalgic piece but then you’ve come to expect that from that particular trio.

Elsewhere, we look at dodgy cars of our youth, reflect on the state of fanzine culture in 2017 and pore over the Fylde ticket “fiasco” if indeed it was such a thing. In other matters, we discuss the cult of the council tea and put forward our albums of the year and we look at what might happen should football clubs decide to start allowing fans to drink in their seats in future.

All in all it’s a bumper must have Xmas edition, your second essential December reading purchase (after the Radio Times obv.) so come and see us on the bridge or outside Rigalettos tomorrow and warm the cockles of our cold, stony hearts.

If you want to buy a copy online, then you can do so here:


Or you can pick one up tomorrow afternoon from the Brick, Sparks Newsagent on Wallgate, Waterstones or the Northern Beer Temple on Wigan Lane.

The price is just two English pounds please, and anyone caught trying to sneakily pass one of those old ones our way will be promptly thrown into the River Douglas.



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