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You know when you get a load of ideas planned for a big party and then someone comes along at the last minute and gatecrashes, ruining things in no uncertain terms by doing something stupid which goes and overshadows that party and changes the way that your football club is perceived the world over in an instant? Yeah, that.

There has been a feeling of dread hanging over me ever since Dave Whelan made that decision and gave those interviews which isn’t going to go away anytime soon and have even left me and quite a few others even questioning why we bother.

For some reason, people seem to be looking to us scribes at the Mudhutter to make sense out of it all, like we can pluck words of wisdom out of thin air and everything will somehow become all right. If only we were talking about an unforeseen, dismal relegation battle then perhaps maybe we could pick the bones out of it and ascertain where the problem lies. If only that’s all that it was.

I really don’t know how this is going to go and there’s an edge to everything that we publish now – even the most vehemently anti-racist statement can be perceived as actually being racist and it’s not been a happy camp at Mudhutter Towers over the past few days over agreeing what can and can’t and should and shouldn’t go in. I’m sure we’re not alone in dealing with the moral wrangling of the fallout of recent weeks but unlike most other fans who think it, or say it, well we have to print it. Like I said it was meant to be a celebration issue……

So, somehow we’ve trotted out a whopping FIFTY SIX PAGES, albeit the content of half of them will be considerably different from what was originally envisaged. And needless to say as DW is due to receive his punishment around about the time we hit the streets on the weekend, we’ll either look like sage philosophers or a bunch of prize plums.

But you know what? It’s done now and it will be out there as of tomorrow afternoon. It’s got all your regular features plus the surprise return of one or two (un) welcome ones. There’s one big interview in there with a Mudhutter icon, an interview which is so relevant given the circumstances, that it’s almost as if we planned it. We didn’t however, we interviewed him the week before the s*** hit the fan.

Anyway, everyone else has had their say on our football club so it’s about time we had ours, fashionably late as ever: The new Mudhutter Football Express – 56 pages for £2.00. On sale this weekend.

BUY online here: Er….soon. OK then:
BUY from our sellers on the bridge before Saturday’s game, opposite Rigalettos or in the Supporters Club Bar
BUY from the following shops and stockists: Sparks, Waterstones, Mesnes Road, Brickmakers, KMS News

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