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Today is not a day for allegations, recriminations or misinformation, today is the day where we, as fans, take the matter into our own hands, in a positive manner.
Today, the Wigan Athletic Supporters Club starts its campaign to raise enough cash to save OUR club and to make sure we can do our damnedest to never be in this position again.

I have my concerns about lots of things in terms of how they have played out, there have been days when I have been hit with a wall of depressions and despair with what is happening to our club, and I am sure that many of you will feel the same.Today’s announcement comes as a result of an incredible amount of hard work done by people behind the scenes. They are working for free and have worked tirelessly night and day to try and find a solution to save our football club.

According to the administrators, there is not and never has been a credible bid for the club, or indeed for the whole package.

There needs to be a Plan B so that we have a football club in future and retain that EFL membership and this is it.

There is an opportunity here for Wigan Athletic to be a part owned or even fully fan owned club and every Latics fan is being given a chance to be part of it.

I understand that times are hard and every person’s financial circumstances may be different but this is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.

I would never encourage anyone to get into debt but this is an investment whereby you genuinely get to become a football club owner and save Wigan Athletic FC. So if you can get your hands on any money you’ve got squirreled away, then please do so.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but this is also an exciting time, an opportunity to put people in charge who genuinely do care about Wigan Athletic.

It isn’t going to be easy, with all the off field stuff going on and a transitional period on the pitch but from the point at which this goes live, we need to drive this forward. We need to assume the bottom has been reached and start to get the club on an upward trajectory again.

In effect, this is not “fans buying the club” (or maybe buying it for a quid) This is for fans to raise funds to prove to the EFL that we can run this club ourselves.

There may need to be other local loans and investment to achieve this.

Of course, a bidder could come in at the 11th hour and render all this meaningless, but they haven’t arrived to save us so far.

It may be that the football club could be part owned with another bidder.

Or it could all fall down, but better to try and fail than not to try at all. And all monies are refundable.

These have been scary, horrible, destructive times for our club but now it is time to turn the ship around and start to rebuild as a real, sustainable, community club that will forever bear the name of Wigan Athletic Football Club.

Please click the link to read the prospectus and register to buy shares in YOUR football club.


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