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Or Please Release Me, Let Me Go.

If it were another player then I’d be tempted to ignore it.  But it’s not another player and they probably wouldn’t have done it anyway.  Earlier in the week, I labelled Lee Cattermole guilty on the basis that he’d taken the 5th, there’s no chance of the same ever happening with Paul Scharner.

Apparently, he’s decided that he wants to play in midfield and that’s it, no matter whatever anyone else says, (unless it’s Roy Hodgson, I guess).  It would be a laughable attempt at an escape plan, if he hadn’t already claimed that he’d turned down Aston Villa because Martin O’Neill thought he was best placed in defence.

If there’s any chance in the stories that people are willing to pay for a “character” player, who in reality makes up for his poor sense of position, a funny sense of teamwork and big gob by having a “good engine” then I’m disappointed that we haven’t snatched of their hands.  Compare it to Cattermole, there’s no competition.

Admittedly, there are bigger fans of Scharner than me, but he’s no where near as good as he reckons and as he reckons he’s too good for us then nothing else matters and a nicely polished brown brogue should be helping him out of the door.

Add another centre half to the shopping list Bobby.

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