Better late than ever?

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I like to do a little write up every time we do a podcast, no matter how irregular they may be. However, now I’ve gone a bit irregular so bear with me.

Episode 49 starts with a load of profanity and drunkenness and gets a lot worse but that is that is certainly not to the discredit of our special guest, the self styled leader of the Pathetic Casuals, Neil M aka WAFC_TPC and we begin with reasons why he was late. The truth being Jimmy was late picking him up but that’s not the narrative we want so we’ll just ignore it.

We move to the football season and it takes all of 6 minutes 50 seconds for Alan and Chris to shoehorn in their anti-Morsy agenda. If course we’re a couple of weeks behind so we’re still ruminating over the opening games and the loss of Dan Burn.

We assess our early chances and transfer dealings and the mood is broadly positive before we move on to the contents of Steve Bruce’s garage and our views on goal music. And I’m sure you can guess our views on this subject, which are woefully out of date with the youth of the day.

There’s a break for a bit of Happiness is Egg Shaped by The Seahorses to introduce some egg based chat. We mean real eggs not rugby league by the way, and it’s just a cheap way to terrify our guest over his runny egg based phobia.

With that in mind, we turn to our guest, Neil and ask him to give us a potted history of his Latics credentials and highs and lows. It proves to be a lively canter down Memory Lane covering early Springfield days to early Premier League, Millwall at Wembley, Arjan De Zeeuw, and away game etiquette.

There’s a bit of post transfer window talk and some proper, bona fide transfer facts where we ponder whether the delay in signings is because they need to get a mandatory sleeve tattoo done first. Let’s face it, the Josh Windass facts are more Dean Windass facts as you’d expect.

We close with some Forest predictions (yes we’re that far behind) and some Stoke things before we reveal who is backing who in this year’s FA Cup competition. This is followed by some interesting facts about Extra Preliminary FA Cup teams, and some truly appalling puns about Cheddar FC.

If we don’t sound too drunk on this one, well it’s just the mere aperitif before we continue to get further inebriated in the marvellous Northern Beer Temple.

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