About Us

The podcast, by Wigan Athletic fans for anyone who will listen.

Hosted by two of the names behind This Northern Soul – Mudhutter editor Jimmy with tunes by Alan (Neill Rimmers’ Perm) we also invite long time Mudhutter contributors Dylan, Chris and Ian, plus anyone that wanders in halfway through, to share their thoughts on Latics and whatever’s been bothering our twitter feeds this week.

We hope you like it, even though we hate the sound of our own voices, and wish we hadn’t said that, put something differently or bothered to bring our notes with us…..

The Pie At Night is an independent podcast with no affiliation to Wigan Athletic, Wigan Rugby, or any book, website, programme or indeed anything else which may or may not have borrowed the name “The Pie at Night”.

Feedback, even in the form of ridicule would be gratefully received.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or search for us in your favourite podcast app, as well as on Spotify or our Soundcloud site.

Here on the site you’ll find updates regarding the podcast and blogs from the contributors and anyone else we can squeeze a few words out of.