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The Pie at Night Social is Finally Here!

So our 2016 Christmas do was such a roaring success that we were going to do it again this year.  Only, with us being such organisational geniuses (and our venue of choice being unavailable) we didn’t manage it.  But, a promise is a promise and we’ve finally got around to its replacement.

The Pie at Night Summer Social, or “The World Cup of Beer” as it’s become known because Alan had an idea for a poster, takes place this year on 1st June.  The last one was a belter and this one promises to be the same with ales and pies and bonhomie aplenty!!

We’ll be at the Beer Temple on Standishgate, Wigan (handy for the town centre for anyone travelling in by train) and our host John will be treating us for this private event with a selection of his finest offerings.

There won’t be a specific menu this time, £20 of your ticket price will go on account to spend on their fine collection of bottles and cans, or on one of the delectable kegs that he’s promised to get in especially for you…

The other fiver will go on food, with Bowen’s pies again providing us with their award-winning products.

The Pie at Night crew will be there along with some of our regular guests, and it will be a laid back affair (we’ll not have the tape running….much) for us all to get together and quaff some sublime beers accompanied with a pie and peas supper and some good conversation.

Numbers are highly restricted as ever but you are very welcome to join us. If you are interested in joining us then you can…

Email us at

DM us on twitter at @pieatnight_wafc

Message us on facebook

You could try and get us on instagram too, or shout at us in the street, well, shout at Jimmy in the street, the rest of us are too sensitive for that sort of thing.

Ticket prices will be £25 which gets you, a £20 bar tab to spend how you wish, a pie and peas supper, a few extras where we can and a barrel full of laughs. OK then a barrel full of beer.

So get in touch and join us.  It’ll be fun.

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