Critical two week blog day 11 D Day

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Here I am sat staring into space ( well SSN but I am sure you understand) with a cup fo coffee in my hand psyching myself up for another day at work, one which will bring a football game which we have to win to stay up, no draws , no losses, a win plain and simple.

Can we do it? If you has asked me last season I would have said no but this season we have been decimated with defensive in juries and two games a week is taking its toll. My head says no but my heart refuses anything but a yes.

Mood………….hopeful   stress levels already 40%


Receive text message form Brian to say he is on the way and nervous. Brian is the guy who did the reports from pre season from  Austria and hasn’t missed a game home and away for nine years including Utrecht with me and a couple of interesting sojourns to Norway and Sweden , stories which would fill a book on their own.

I have been told that many fans have bought tickets but are struggling to get transport. Hope they all get there.

Mood………………………..nervous             stress levels 50% and rising


Home again, pick up my Independent, no speculation on team news, I expect Bob to freshen things up a bit , probably drop Gomez for Watson . Players must be running on empty.

Mood…………………thoughtful     stress levels bubbling under at 60%

7pmSo its the same team as the final, surprised that he hasn’t rotated anyone but given our injury crisis I suppose the team picks itself.

Mood ………….surprised     stress levels, stable at 60%


Mrs W cannot stand the pressure and disappears upstairs to read the latest Sookie Stackhouse book ( True Blood = Vampire porn ). Kids have gone into Wigan to watch the game in a pub so I am joined by a very nervous Sawdoctor who doesn’t think we can do it but prays we can.

Mood…………….  worried                  stress levels, creeping up top 65%


We are being battered, players look knackered pass are going astray and its all Arsenal. Goal a really soft goal, Alcaraz totally mis judges the pace of the corner and Podolski who hasn’t scored for two months does.

Mood …………….depressed              stress levels 70%

8.05 pm

Niall Quinn, opines that Wigan are playing like Warriors and whilst twitter goes into over drive at the egg chaser analogy he does have a point in that we are spending an awful lot of time kicking the ball into touch a la rugby.

Mood………….. very worried.           Stress levels 70%

8.10pm – 8.25pm

This is more like it, Wigan get a second win from somewhere and start passing the ball around, McManaman buoyed by his England call up is busting a gut but finding Gibbs a tougher prospect than his former team  mate Clichy

Mood………………cautiously optimistic           stress levels 50%


GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Shaun Maloney does it again, a pin point free kick into the corner, this guy is the key to Wigan’s survival, he rushes over to celebrate with the Wigan fans who go absolutely mental.

Mood …………………wild with delight   stress levels 30%

8.45pm -9pm

Wigan push forwards, Kone and McCarthy have good chances but for different reasons the score stays at one all. Begin to hope.

Mood………………hopeful          stress levels stable at 30%

9.05pm- 9.40pm

McManaman stretchered off, another that’s 5 in 6 games, Martinez must have killed an entire seminary of priests such ahs been Wigan’s look with injury this season.

Di Santo comes on but Wigan look ragged and it quickly becomes 2  then 3 then 4 as Wigan conspire to defend poorly and gift Arsenal the game sending Wigan into the oblivion of the Championship.

Mood……………. resigned   stress levels zero%


Mr Dean blows his whistle and the eight year dream that we thought would be a one season wonder is over. The Wigan players who have given their all are visibly upset as are our magnificent support. Spot Tis_me  in the crowd and I know Springfield was also there.

Mood…………….proud           stress levels zero %


Can’t do match report as its too raw right now even though i EXPECTED US TYO GO DOWN. Look on facebook , some nice comments from Nige, Horwich Wanderers fan tempered bytsome of his fellow country cousins. Should be some interesting local derbies next season.

Its another small club gone the way of Horwich and Blackburn out of the Premier League. I wonder how long before its a private member’s  club ( or franchise)and the small clubs are consigned to part time oblivion?

Mood ……………….contemplative       stress levels flatlined zero%


Go to bed to join Mrs W who was aware of the score. As always mistress of the understatement she says,” never mind its only a  game.” 

Mood ………………….despair     stress levels 50% 

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