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In amongst many of the daft yet noble ideas I have, you may recall that a month or two ago, the Dave Whelan statue outside the Dave Whelan Stadium was vandalised, by someone who presumably has no concept whatsoever as to what Dave Whelan has done for the town from a sporting perspective.

Fed up with yet another pathetic incident of vandalism carried out by spiteful morons, I decided to set up a GoFundMe to make good the damage caused by the statue.

Fortunately, there was no need as the club / stadium officials fixed the statue in a manner of hours causing the noise to die down. Though apparently you can see still where someone no life idiot has bent back the FA Cup ribbons, so whoever has done it appears to have made their mark, in what is probably the highlight of their pathetic existence to date.

We are yet to hear of anyone being prosecuted for this, so we have got to assume that the club are happy to have their property defaced and we can all move on from this.

However, the good news is that in the few hours the fund raiser was online, people donated £155 towards fixing it. This will now go to The Brick charity to help homeless people in Wigan.

We wanted to show there are many good people in Wigan who support people who are less fortunate than ourselves, and make a positive contribution to this fantastic town we live in.

Here is the original link, which I will be closing imminently, so please donate directly to the Brick if you feel obliged:

Here is the Brick Just Giving page:

The £155 converted to £146.22 less fees (can’t believe how much the fees were, I thought that was net of £150!!)

So I rounded it up to £150, then again to £160 and we can put this one to bed for now.

And finally, thanks to all those who donated: Spencer Holland, Heather Wakelin, Bernard Long, Chez C, Sam Penman, Sean Livesey, Nick Farnworth, Tony Moon, Rob Blakeley, Michael Pattison, Alan Cuerden, Darren Bolton, Steven Martlew, Martin Davies, Chris Marsh, Pete Rowbottom and me!


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