Aint Nothing Wrong

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We left you on the last episode of the podcast pondering the question “What could go wrong”.  Well, here’s your answer.  We’ve got the great acoustics of Wigan Central mixed with a few hours worth of beer and five blokes with a penchant for talking nonsense.  We could try and describe the outcome, but well, to be honest you’d be better off listening and finding out.

There’s football, quite a bit, taking in Latics, ManU, Barca and West Dids, we ponder Bradford things and our Rochdale predictive reviews (surprise, surprise – none of us got it right).  We’ve also got food, music and (lots of) beer as well as plenty of other nonsense, agenda driven or otherwise.

The result is the second “half” of our evening with @barcajim and a worthwhile experiment in the art of putting a scotsman and four Wiganers in a room with strong beer.  Fans of our “European Championship of Beer” episode will love it.  We don’t remember either of the two very much.

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