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We’re back in a Blind Date style, trying to decide which of us would make the best football club owner.

We’re talking end of season, administration and attempt a brief bit doomed defence of the EFL.

Moving on, we talk COVID friendly summer holidays and which people we’d pick from the crowd to start the season for us if times get really hard. Up next is a new feature, the handsome bast*** Wigan Athletic XI. Who better to decide who our best looking ever players are than four white middle aged males?

Well, we did ask the public first….

We return with a forward looking place of where we are, where we think we are going in the short term and what sort of club we want to see in the future. Followed by discussion of scurrilous rumours about potential owners which ends uo with Alan scrutinising the Sunday Times rich list in a Lonely Hearts style.We conclude with Jimmy doing his Bob Geldof bit on the fund raising side. And as per usual we end up flogging our wares. But it’s for a good cause this time, so that’s OK!

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