N’Zogbia to Sunderland tomorrow then.

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It’s funny how different people hear things differently isn’t it?  Sky must have been pestering the club today for a line on the rumours that Sunderland are about to whisk Charles N’Zogbia away for ten bob and a bag of grapes.  Eventually they get rentaquote on the line, but there’s obviously no story in the news that N’Zogbia is happy at Latics and happy playing for Bobby so what they going to do?

I know let’s miss out loads of what was actually said so it sounds like all the lad has to do is ask nicely and we’d let him sign for Wigan Robin Park on the promise that they’ll take it easy on us in next week’s friendly.  But if you were going to do that surely you wouldn’t be daft enough to then play the full interview.

Sky bloke “Whelan says that they don’t won’t to sell the midfielder but will do if the player wants to leave”*

Two minutes later Mr Whelan actually says “if a top six club comes in for him, pays enough money and he wants to leave, then we’ll let him go”*

Not being a professional I don’t know what the idea is here, surely they’re not relying on people listening to anything other than the headlines, have they never spent time talking to any members of the public?  Maybe they’ve just got more faith in the world than I have, because I’m not having it that a reputable media outlet would be deliberately tailoring it’s reporting to perpetuate a particular club’s image as a selling club and to push it’s own agenda by painting us as a pissy little club who isn’t worthy of their time.

(apologies if I’ve paraphrased, I already rewound it twice and forgot to write it down, but hey, lazy journalism begets lazy journalism, eh?)

Oh and, p.s. the headline was an experiment, sorry if I got anyone excited.

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