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If you’ve been anywhere near twitter over the past few days, you’ll have notice that Latics fans’ have been kicking up a storm.  The EFL’s threat of further sanctions after applying the, suspended three point deduction didn’t land well with the masses and the continued silence from anyone in a position of authority just led to people expressing their anger in whatever way they could.

It seems that a group, calling themselves Independent Latics (and yes, including people involved in this site) have been trying to channel all that anger and frustration into a more positive force.

Tuesday dinner time saw Latics fans swamp Twitter in a spontaneous plea for the board to break their silence.


It got the response that they asked for, but Talal Al Hammad’s words didn’t do much to calm the nerves of Latics fans and now Independent Latics have doubled down on their action.

Acting in the knowledge that many fans were worried about handing over their hard earned cash to pay for next year’s season tickets with no guarantees on how that money would be spent, they have announced…

…we’re launching stage 2 of our campaign and asking Latics fans to consider not purchasing 2023/24 season tickets until we have been assured that the requirements of the EFL agreed decision have been met, that wages have been paid and that plans are in place to ensure we don’t end up here again…

Whilst we know that people might have concerns about that, and we’re hoping to interview someone from the group at the weekend, we do fully support this campaign and would urge you to read the further information on the Independent Latics Website before making a decision whether to support them too.

Season Ticket Campaign – Independent Wigan Athletic (

It’s a way of making your voice heard, and we all need that right now

Keep on keeping on…

See you on the other side



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