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Bear with me on this but ….. if and I know it is a big if ….. by some means and it is not impossible, improbable yes but not utterly & totally beyond achievable if our club Wigan Athletic actually qualified for the Champions League.

The trouble with that scenario and it actually applies to our current plight in the Premier League is that a vast majority of Wigan Athletic supporters would view if we were not beating Europe’s elite then they are rubbish, bloody rubbish Whelan open your wallet etc, boring, etc, boring.

Expectations at WAFC are way beyond mortal means, we really, seriously really need some perspective on all things Latics, the club is in its seventh consecutive season on one if not the best football leagues in the world.

I’m not saying we should be thankful for small mercies but a bit of realism would be nice, let’s enjoy what we have got and hope/push for higher accolades in the future.

My feeling is that even if Barcelona & triple world player of the year Mr Messi actually “rocked up” @ the DW the stadium wouldn’t be full.

We are still making the history at Wigan Athletic, do you want to be part of it or do you want just to moan about it ?

(The last statement applies to supporters AND players at my club)


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