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…things come to those who wait. Which might be the case with the latest episode of the Pie at Night podcast, with Dylan flying in to help us finish off the Quality Street, look back on Latics end to 2017 and move into the New Year on the right foot. Or it could have been the left one as we’re all still a bit confused about which wingers we’re nominating for our Emporium of Sh…

Being the first episode of 2018 we’ve got resolutions, but not our own and we come up with some predictions for the next 12 months. We also find out who came out ahead in the Christmas stats round-up although we’re still struggling with the formula for xT (eXpected Trumps).

There’s plenty of football in here for the Latics minded amongst you, but through our usual crooked lens as we also cover Cholera, rum and raisin petrol, UK Garage and other nonsense along the way.

WARNING: Jimmy gets to pick the closing track on this episode. We can only apologise…

Episode 39 of the Pie at Night podcast is available now from all your usual podcast sources. Find out how to subscribe here, or use the player below to listen.



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