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Breaking our mould and getting a podcast out that’s both topical and shorter than the length of your average commute!  What’s next for The Pie at Night, an episode without recording issues? Nah, that’s too much to ask.

Join Jimmy, Alan, Chris and Ian as they catch up on the Charlton game and look ahead to Fulham, ignoring all the “important” questions – they were all in the bit we lost to internet gremlins – we focus in on Ian’s FA cup competition and songs you’d never have led singalongs too if you’d really listened to the lyrics.

Ashton Town chairman, Mark Hayes, joins us again – primarily to talk about his work with Joseph’s Goal but covering plenty more besides.   If you enjoyed the chat in the last episode then you sonny want to miss this one, if you didn’t then We can only assume you haven’t listened to it yet.

Episode 62 of The Pie at Night Podcast, “Skittles”, is available now from all the usual places, or via the player below.

See you on the other side…

You can find the latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast on ITunes, on Stitcher or by searching for us in your favourite podcast App. You could also pop along to our SoundCloud site where you can find all our episodes. Or you could just use the player below. Give it a go, we might go on a bit, but you might enjoy it.
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