Two Men Went To Mowbray

Yes the Pie At Night is back and we’re raving about our trip to the British Pie Awards, as the podcast crew finally get a good gig and take their place alongside serious food critics. Hey, we’re from Wigan, there’s our credentials right there!

After that light hearted stuff we move on to the football and at least one of our number is cynically suggesting that the events of season 1999/2000 could be repeating themselves. We comb over the Blackburn and Scunthorpe games with an air of slight despondency until Ian finally puts a lightsider hat on and points out that it’s better to have a blip now than later.

After that heavy business, we have a brief round of world of tops of the pops, where we find obscure music from obscure countries and obscure decades featuring very poor Jackson Five and Cardigans imitations before Alan overrules our awful taste anyway.

The next question involves discussing the conservative views of Tony Mowbray on leading historical matters. Not the Tony Mowbray who manages Blackburn obviously but another Tony Mowbray from Beech Hill obviously, we should add.

We then mention our absent friend Dylan and his most dangerous travel tour yet, a tour of Wigan! Featuring Vigo Street, the Uncle Joe’s Mintball factory and that post Box that was, ahem, violated.

There’s the briefest of updates for our Emporium of S***e centre forwards poll, and good news, as just for once, it almost goes to plan, and there’s an update on our increasingly farcical FA Cup competition.

Our Southampton things include big ships and little hooligans and how their new manager was perhaps the worst thing to happen to us.

We finish with a tune celebrating the River Douglas in a style best described as being a tad rustic.

You can find Episode 43 of The Pie at Night, “Come Up Mucky Brown”, in all the usual places or by using the player below.  Enjoy…



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