Sixy Talk – Manchester City

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Considering the magnitude of tonight’s game and the history between us and tonight’s FA Cup opponents, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to do a Sixy Talk !

…so following her somewhat controversial appearance the other week on the world’s second best podcast*, we caught up with Manchester City supporter Nic and asked her the obvious questions.


Q: Let’s get the big one out of the way early:  is Shaun Goater a cheating bastard?

A: I have no idea what you are talking about…

(nicely dodged, the answer is of course Yes, yes he is!)


Q: Seeing as we’ve mentioned ’99, there’s been a sort of rivalry going back between Wigan Athletic and Manchester City for a while… It’s inevitable given recent history not to talk about 2013. A lot of Latics supporters saw it as ‘revenge’ for that playoff semi. Were you City lot really that gutted to lose that FA Cup Final to us?

(I spent the night celebrating with a certain twitter famous balaclava wearing bert, and the consensus was that the result was ‘typical city’)

A: It was a weird one, naturally you are gutted when you don’t win a final but I did expect it in a bit of a weird way; there was clearly something happening within the club with Mancini at the time, and losing the final just kind of confirmed it really. I still complain about it now and it was 5 years ago! That was 100% typical city though, hence why I am so apprehensive about Monday’s game.


Q: There was some good games between us throughout our stay in the Premier League, and certainly until the takeover we had a good record against you… The 4-3 Boxing Day game was a cracker… Any stand out memories yourselves?

A: The one which sprang to mind was when City won 1-0 at Wigan in 2012, I think that one was a Dzeko header.

(I’ve checked the archives and you were right, it was. 2012 was a good year for both of us – you won the Premier League on the final day and we had one of our greatest ever escapes, winning 7 of the last 9, including beating Man Utd to hand you the title!)

And obviously the FA Cup Final has stuck in my mind and then when you knocked us out the year after too. This is why I think anything could happen on Monday!


Q: Despite the football you are playing, within certain sections of the internet the rumours regarding Pep and his medical team rumble on… Sané in particular seems to have made a miraculous recovery. What’s your take on it all? If the medical really are that good why can’t they fix Vincent Kompany?

A: We can’t be too obvious with Pep’s magical healing powers, we have to have someone injured so it doesn’t look too obvious…! I have no idea what Pep and his team of doctors are up to. I was also very surprised (and happy) that Sané was returning so quickly though.


Q: Go on then, give us a prediction for Monday night? (I reckon you’re going to give us a right humping).

A: Given that City are in the best form of their lives and are playing out of their skins I would not be surprised if we have a return of Typical City and sneak a 1-0 win or something. However I’m going to go 4-1 to City. And Wigan will score first!


Q: Finally, the important stuff, pies. What’s your filling of choice? And in preparation for the replay, what flavours do they do at the Etihad these days and how much are they? 

A: I am a massive fan of Galloways Chunky Steak pies and have had them imported from Wigan to me by my mate on occasion! City’s usual pie choice are corned beef hash, Kippax curry (i.e. Balti pie with a fancy name) and butter pies and are £4.50 I think.


So there we have it, she correctly identified Galloway’s Chunky Steak as the best pies, and if you fancy her prediction of 4-1 to City then a £1 bet with most bookmakers will win you enough to be able to not buy 3 pies at the replay that won’t be happening.

Oh and Pep loves a pie:


Thanks Nic!



Nic can be found on twitter at @Nicwzl


*Nic and her mate Helen appeared on the second best podcast in the world (Blue Moon) and then some knob on twitter decided they weren’t “qualified” to talk football due to their femaleness.

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