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You do have to wonder. I’m sure Mr. Whelan has been coming out with stuff like this for years, and now that everyman and is dog is prepared to listen to him and report he turns from a bit of a character to an embarrassing egomaniac. Now for me it’s not a case of ‘he’s spent all that money he can say what he wants’. You’ve got be grateful (maybe not the right word, but you know where I’m coming from) for what he’s done, but it doesn’t give him total immunity from criticism.

For me, usually, his opinions on things like Sven’s future as England manager just don’t interest me and anyone who laughs at him when he comes out with something embarrassing isn’t laughing at me or my club, it’s Mr. Whelan. Or at least I’ve never laughed at Villa, Chelsea, Palace or the likes when their chairmen have overstepped the mark.

At the end of the day, Chairman Dave is an outspoken individual who, now his club are in the limelight, journalists are going to cream for what they can. Anything that gets him in the press gets the club in the press, no such thing as bad publicity and all that, but when what’s in the press is essentially a ‘for sale’ notice on our manager I’m not too happy.

A bit strong? Well maybe, maybe he’s just taking the Mick knowing full well that the FA wouldn’t touch a scouser whose dog is called Trotsky, let alone pair him with the most famous punk rocker in football, but I can’t help being worried. This is the second time that the possibility of Jewell moving on has been raised, and both from the chairman’s side of the fence. How long will it be before someone thinks “eh up, maybe it’s worth a punt” and tests Jewell’s idea of what a big club is?

I’ve said before that when the men who make the decisions do and say these things, it’s their neck they’re putting on the line. In this case it’s probably not true, but at the moment Jewell represents Latics’ best chance of fulfilling Mr. Whelan’s dreams, it would be a bit silly to risk throwing that away.

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