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Back in the Eighties i was a little bit younger and was having the time of my life Depeche Mode were saying that People were People and Wigans own were being a bit “too shy” It was a great time for Music and Football, Football in those days was in the lower divisions but it was great all our home games were played at the Famous Springfield Park (not to be mistaken with Springfield which is an area not a ground) I remember in the mid to late 80s, 1987 to be exact we were on a real march we crushed all before us in the league and were doing the same in the Fa Cup we got Norwich  City in the 5th round we had Cribley and Campbell and jewell in our side and nothing was going to stop us and on that day nothing did as the football world looked on as “little Wigan athletic” forced their way into the quater finals of the world famous FA CUP.


That night me and two mates hit the town and got pretty drunk so much so that i walked into the ladies toilets in a night club and got stopped by a girl from Platt Bridge that looked more like a Rugby Union player than a girl on the pull “this is the sort of things that football can do to you” In the next round we got Leeds Utd at home, it was not certain that the Police would allow the game to go ahead at the old place but after a few days it was said that it could with conditions.


The game had to kick of early because of Leeds bad record so a 11.30am ko on a sunday was the order of the day, two wind assisted goals kicked us out of a Fa Cup quater final that we dominated, Bobby Campbell missed two sitters it was not our day but it should have been, we should have been in the Semi, take that from someone who was there so now as an 80’s guy i look back with Electric Dreams at what was and what should have been with Sadness and i turn on VH1 Classic on my Sky Box and it takes me back to those fantastic days when music was great and we should have been in the semi final of the FA CUP



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