The art of falling over

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Oh look who’s back, and not before time. Jimmy, Alan, Chris and Martin spend a few hours in Wigan Central back after some diverse travails involving Abba nights, Ska punk, the British Pie Awards and racing against bus station speed cameras.

Recorded on a mobile phone because Al forgot the mike (sorry for the noise at some points), we discuss what happened in between the last podcast including dreadful games against Ipswich and Blackburn. Is Paul Cook learning from his lessons? Has Shaun McDonald been on holiday in Belson? Where is Devante Cole? And we ever seen a funnier goal than our third against Bolton on Saturday?

We briefly discuss the post match sheninagans, in both an amusing and serious manner whilst NOT CONDONING ANY OF IT, as Jimmy reminds us all at least eight times.

On a soon to be revealed theme, we discuss competitions we won that didn’t quite live up to their expectations before pausing for an ace bit of New Order.

We might not be the youngest and trendiest folk in Wigan (NB I only said MIGHT) but we appear to have set a new trend, racing against the new bus station. Just don’t fall over head first whilst travelling at 14mph like Alan did.

This naturally brings us back to admitting our embarassing public injuries, the things we do for our listeners.

Back to the football, and we discuss what we thought about our January dealings and how they are settling in. “Leave Clarke till last” shouts Alan ominously.

It’s Martin who jumps in first with a startling revelation surrounding Leon Clarke. Oops. Turns out we all like Joe Garner more than we first thought after all.

We discuss who we want to win the FA Cup (the answer is City, obviously as rubbish teams winning it diminishes our own achievements before breaking for a tune and a beer.

To finish off we preview Brentford and whether you can trust people with two first names. I’ve no idea how the subject gets round to Jimmy Savile or mildly erotic Japanese Karaoke game shows mind you.

Anyway, we’re vaguely positive and finish with a bit of a chat about the forthcoming Walk to Leeds for Joseph’s Goal before closing with a piece of melancholic brilliance

Oh and it’s finally come to me, the Japanese game show hosted by Clive James was called ENDURANCE


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