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No 67 Shoddy Kit Syndrome

 Precise details escape me but during one game during his time at the club, Peter Houghton went into a challenge that saw him land arse first in a puddle, somewhere, I think, in the Shevy end/popular side corner of Springfield Park.  An unremarkable incident in itself but one that left a lasting mark on my memory.  Why?  Because it also seemed to leave one on the back of his shorts.


I hope to hell someone else noticed and remembers this.  Mt memory, for what it’s worth, tells me that the muddy patch stayed on his shorts for at least the rest of that season (it actually tells me that it was there for ever, but I’m not prepared to accept that).  Knowing how footballers can be, this could quite easily be for superstitious reason (not washing his “lucky” shorts).  I think that it just wouldn’t wash out.

In these days of practically indestructible replica kits , footballers changing shirts and the slightest inconvenience and keeping spare shirts so that you can swap with more than one person and still have a couple to ‘give’ to charity can you imagine a player going two halves with dirty shorts on, let alone a whole season?

Even if Peter Houghton’s shorts were a trick of the light, or my memory there are plenty of other examples of “Shoddy Kit Syndrome”.  Think back to:

  • Teams playing in different shades of the same kit because the Number 7 had his replaced last week
  • ‘Off White’ socks, collars and sponsor’s logos from when the kit man washed a new kit too hot
  • Letters from sponsors names missing or peeling off

And so on.  I’m certain that the game is no better or worse for any of those things but it does all help to further the image of the modern footballer as a pretty boy clothes horse.

If David Beckham turned out in his next England game with half the number 7 hanging off his shirt it might help him get some respect back, but then again it would probably just start off another King Street trend.

Last Seen,
Leicester City’s mysteriously disintegrating Kit on the first day of last season

Replaced by:
Keeping 6 pristine shirts in the changing room for “swapping” purposes

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