05/06 Review pt7 – On the game

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It seems churlish to pick the bones out of last season. Each and every game was special in its own way. Losing 4-0 at Cardiff might have been a downer, but it was a real cup final, the one all draw against Boro at the JJB was far from enthralling but it was the point that we started to realize that there wasn’t as much in this Premier League lark as people let on. Needless to say there’s one game that will stick out in everyone’s memory, but to pick another two was quite hard. In the end it came down to a statement making 90 minutes and a game that should go down as one of the most exciting across the whole division.

Man City home – a right old ding dong do
I think I’m safe in saying that this game would feature high in anyone’s list of games to remember. It came soon after ‘those’ 6 games and early indications were that Latics follow up the dismantling of Charlton with another victory that would put us firmly back on the premier league map.  A poor city side had allowed Latics a 3-1 lead before the poor man’s Stevie Gerrard grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and got them back into the game. Barton’s goal was one of the best scored against Latics last season and suggested, albeit briefly, that there was a real possibility that we’d end up with nothing from the game.

Everton away – You are here!
I’ll no doubt cover this elsewhere in some way or another. But this game has to go down as one of the key moments of the season. Forget the proper ground, proper pubs and proper fans arguments. They are all valid in their own way, but I didn’t partake and cannot comment. 

For me this game, not the opening day fixture, was the one where Latics turned around to the rest of the division and thrust two fingers skywards. You can argue that this was the right time to play them; that they still hadn’t recovered from their European disappointments, but the Sunday papers only recorded one fact. Little new boys Wigan had gone to the home of one of the cornerstones of the top division and come away with three points.

The goal the decided the game was unspectacular in itself and the result a bit of a smash and grab job, but at the end of the day it was in our favour and typical of the never right us off attitude that got the club a positive reputation that was so hard to live up to in the second half of the season.

Arsenal – You knew it was coming

I’ll not sully your memories by trying to justify this one any further. Whether at Highbury or not the semifinal of the league cup is now an essential memory for Johnny come latelys and owd moaning buggers alike.   It’s easy to forget that we actually lost this game. That we did so by only one goal, in spite of a referee for whom the word ‘homer’ doesn’t come close and after conceding a late goal that would have been fatal on any other day, only adds to the glory.

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