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It’s not like me to be contrary for the sake of it but Sunday was for me the most frustrated I have been all season. You’re champions lads, so play like champions! Seriously, in my eyes, Sunday was our first game in the Championship – a chance for the team to show what they can do next season and unfortunately we got rolled over good style.

Again, it would be easy and lazy to point out a poor goalkeeping performance by Lee Nicholls being the main contributing factor but all over the park we were second best. I don’t mind that too much occasionally, as they’ve earned the right to have the odd off day with a multitude of good performances. Yet playing with a bit more conviction wouldn’t have done any harm in front of a much larger crowd than normal, with lots of next year’s prospective season ticket holders in attendance.

However, as seasons go it will rank alongside the best, we’ve done it in style (in most parts) and the fans have had smiles on their faces (in most parts) Being a Wigan Athletic fan does sometimes come with a bit of a stigma attached to it but both on and off the field, this football club has done nothing but raise and improve its profile this season and the bright new era has more than delivered on expectations.

As fans, we are so often that club that is so often pilloried by bedroom banter merchants, yet we have largely conducted ourselves impeccably all year and indeed have won quite a lot of hearts and minds with the old “Will Grigg’s on Fire” ditty, not to mention the scenes of borderline hysteria in the town centre last Sunday. Of course, being “likeable” isn’t the be all and end all, however a progressive, family club will always garner compliments from far and wide and we can only hope that our inclusive nature will enable up club to grow once more now we are climbing up a division.

Anyway now that’s’ done and dusted, I’m perfectly happy to sit here and quietly reflect over the past nine months. I’m not one of those who misses the football season too much these days and I loathe the fact that the day after the season finishes the gossip columns crank up (Will Grigg at Forest? Yeah right, he’d set the trees on FIRE!)

Until of course June 22nd that is. And we all know what date that is right? Yes, it’s when the NEW FIXTURES COME OUT!!

Article not published in this week’s Wigan Evening Post 12th Man column because I forgot to email it

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