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This will hoprfully end up being a proper series of blogs, but for now I haven’t got time so this brain dump will do for starters. The idea is that I’ll pick the best of the week’s ‘new’ releases and share them with you. You then get to slag me off or throw up your own suggestions, or ignore me, which ever way you want to play it.

Album of the Week.
This is a contender for best album ever, so it’s nicely convenient that it’s being re-released as I start this off. It makes this so much easier.

Revolver was originally released in 1965 and (perhaps in retrospect) became a landmark for both the band and music in general. It sees the Beatles on the cusp of becoming something else from their poppier beginnings. Tunes wise, psychedelic ramblings sit alongside shaggy haired pop and lyrically a sharper edge has replaced the sugar sweet naivety of earlier efforts.

Not only has Revolver provided a stopping off point for indie kids in all generations that followed, it ‘s provided a neutral ground where fans of “early” and “late” Beatles can both sit comfortably.

Anyway, enough waffle, and time for some music. It ‘s hard to pick a ‘best track ‘ from this album, but this one has sort of provided a benchmark for a lot of music that I ‘ve like throughout my life. Musically it ‘s almost pretty, lyrically it ‘s on the dark side.

Single of the week

Just in case you haven’t guessed already, I’m doing this on a wing and a prayer. I hadn’t prepared properly for it and just dived in because I had 5 minutes before I went to work. I need to set off now, so you don’t get much on your single.

Only that it’s not really from this week and that it’s been picked as much because of my obsession with Johnny Marr than anything else (the Cribs are one of my favourite bands of the last couple of years mind).

Have fun pop pickers

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