Albums of the Year – 2017

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As you’ve probably gathered from listening to The Podcast™ we like to think we know our stuff, and we also like to tell you what we think…

We also sometimes write it down and put it in the fanzine… anyway, here’s a few of my favourite albums of the year.

I’d have done a collaborative effort but they were all too busy Christmas shopping when I was writing it to respond to my messages… but I didn’t really need to ask them anyway:

  • Jimmy – anything New Order might’ve released, oh and that Italian House compilation
  • Ian – Foo Fighters and Shed Seven
  • Alan – I couldn’t be arsed skimming back through his fanzine articles, but I remember he loved The Shins’ new one.


Here’s a few that made my long list:

  • – At The Drive-In
  • The Iceberg – Oddisee
  • Modern Kosmology – Jane Weaver
  • Death Song – The Black Angels
  • Rap Album Two – JonWayne
  • V – The Horrors
  • This Old Dog – Mac DeMarco
  • Damage & Joy – The Jesus and Mary Chain

…and then here’s the top four – I could try and blag that I did this intentionally to tie in with the PL Top 4 Champions League qualification thingy, but as you all know I’m not that clever.


4. Drunk by Thundercat

Where to start with this? Described as “late night aural channel surfing” this 23 track masterpiece has it all – Soul, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Ska and R&B, all underpinning falsetto vocals.

And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite how’s about a guest appearance by none other than the man himself: Kenny Loggins.

Stand out track: Walk On By



3. The Weather by Pond

When they’re not busy being the backing band for Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala, the lads are Pond. They still make similar style psychedelic pop space jazz, and know how to put on a decent live show. “The Weather”, Pond’s 7th studio album follows the pattern laid out on the previous 6, and as they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Stand out track: Sweep Me Off My Feet.



2. A Deeper Understanding by The War On Drugs

My absolute favourite ‘new’ band of recent years, I thought they would really struggle to follow up 2014’s Lost In The Dream but if anyone could pull it off, it was Adam Granduciel. Not as instant as it’s predecessor, however, the songs found on ADU are grander, more layered, but also still have that quality found on LITD – songs you can lose yourself in.

Stand out track: Thinking Of A Place.



1. Yesterday’s Gone by Loyle Carner

This album was released way back in January, has been on permament rotation on the gramophone ever since, and in my humble opinion was robbed of the Mercury Prize in September. Minimal drumbeats, jazzy saxophone and plenty of guitar riffs/motifs that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to the Netflix hit, Narcos, all overlayed with introspective lyrics on family and friends, love and music and hopes and dreams.

Stand out track: Ain’t Nothing Changed



I’m going to leave you with one to watch for 2018 – Blood Wine or Honey – their two EPs released this year were great, looking forward to a full album.

Also a final shout for to UNKLE’s The Road Pt.1 – it was released back in August but hadn’t listened to it much. For some reason I’ve been hammering it loads over the last few weeks since this article first went in the current fanzine. Proper cinematic.

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