From Klopp to Cloppa Castle

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It’s that awkward summer slot where we cover an eclectic range of topics that we didn’t have time to mention during the football season, although we have been spoiled with an excellent summer of sport, the England football team excluded obviously.

We invite Liverpool fan Joe Curran to talk about the Klopp revolution and what it’s like growing up in Skem with an occasional interest in the Latics. Joe that is not Jurgen.

We discuss and preview the Liverpool and United friendlies at some length pondering just how many Wiganers will be in the ground to actually watch the away team.

We rue the non signing of Jordi Gomez and greet a cautious alcohol free welcome to Nick Powell. There’s some early thoughts as to how we think the Championship will pad out paying particular reference to the big guns of Newcastle and Villa.

There’s an England and Euros post mortem with the Liverpool fan in the house casting no doubts as to where the finger of blame needs to be pointed and not too much mention of grass roots reform.

We also pay a token nod to an article Joe wrote a couple of years back which is probably the best thing ever written about Wigan Athletic by someone who isn’t a Wigan Athletic fan. It’s still online here in fact.

There’s a special feature on the greatest ever Wigan bands who didn’t quite make it (Moco arguably winning hands down) and we talk about our favourite summer sports.

We talk box sets and what other s***e we’re watching on telly before returning to the thorny but ever popular topic of which Wigan Athletic players should have been thrown in the bin.

What better way to blight your morning commute

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