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That peerless triumvirate comes together on one Saturday in Liverpool as progressive fans’ movement STAND AMF hosts a live event for football fans. You can’t change the world overnight we know that much but sitting back and doing nothing is pretty ineffective as well.

The concept has garnered a lot of support in less than 12 months from ordinary football fans who are sick of being fleeced over ticket prices by unscrupulous owners and it’s sole objective has one pivotal theme: that football is about fans.

Stand are holding an event in Liverpool on Saturday July 6th, 3pm start (of course) where there will be a serious bit featuring panel discussions, some chat, some music and some ale (or soft drinks if you’re teetotal or driving)

If you’re a football fan who cares about the game, you’d be very welcome there….

BOSS Night and STAND AMF Fanzine team up to bring you STAND AGAINST MODERN FOOTBALL: A day and night of Football, Music and Ale.

The day will kick off at 3pm (a rarity now on a Saturday) with a panel based discussion aiming to answer the question “What can we, as football supporters, do next to take back our game?”

This will be followed by live music (TBA) and later on an OFFICIAL HAPPY MONDAYS DJ SET from BEZ (The Happy Mondays) and VINCE VEGA (Happy Mondays Tour DJ) as well as music from The Beat Boutique DJ’s.

This is an event for supporters of all clubs to come together for the future of our game. It has been taken from us. Let’s take it back!

Leave your colours at the door. Have a good time and make a STAND!


1. What is STAND: Against Modern Football?

STAND is a football fanzine that’s coming up to its first birthday. Over the course of the past year we’ve released four issues focussing on a variety of issues in modern football that we felt there had to be a discussion about. We’ve recently hit 10,000 followers on twitter and our stand is growing daily.

2. What is the aim of Ale Music Football?

The aim of this event is to bring football fans under one roof, get them drinking, dancing and discussing modern football and what they want to change and crucially how we, as football supporters, can do that. We want to put aside rivalries for one day and come together for the future of football.

3. What format will it take?

The day starts at 3pm, none of this lunchtime or evening kick off b***ocks. We have a fantastic selection of ‘experts’ on 3 different panels all attempting to answer the question “What can football fans do next” The fans that attend are just as important, and ample time will be given to hearing contributions from the floor. After all that there’ll be some great music for the evening.

4. Who is on the panel?

Amanda Jacks (Football Supporters Federation)
Andy Walsh (FC United)
Brian Reade (Daily Mirror)
David Preece (Professional Footballer)
Gary Hart (Parliamentary Outreach Officer)
James Brown (
James MacKenna (Spirit of Shankly Liverpool Supporters Union)
Kevin Rye (Supporters Direct)
Marc Jones (AFC Wimbledon)
Marc Quambasch (Kein Zwanni/Borussia Dortmund)
Mark Howell (Chester FC)
Nick Miller (
Tom Hocking (When Saturday Comes)
Tony Evans (The Times)

5. What evening entertainment?

We’ve got a DJ set from the Happy Mondays’ members Bez and Vince Vega as well as music from The Beat Boutique DJ and more live music to be announced.

Tickets are selling extremely well, there are only available from here.


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