All kitted out ….. or not

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When Latics gained promotion to the greed league seven seasons ago I was really looking forward to watching all the “big” clubs appear at The DW in their traditional kits.


A sad existence I know but it was what I was brought up on and for my home town team this was great to see the top teams and watch them in “the flesh” so to speak.


However a vast majority turned up in their second kit even when no clash occurred with Latic’s blue & white….pah!


Does anyone know what the “official” rule is on the wearing of secondary kits and does it vary from the Premier, to the Championship to non-league?


Also what I have noticed is quite a few clubs wear the same coloured shorts as each other, usually white, plus a lot of teams clash with the same coloured socks and don’t get me started on the white tape over the socks !


What pleased me, (sad again I know) but when Chelsea played Wigan Athletic last Saturday, Chelsea wore blue shirts, blue shorts & white socks while Latic’s wore their third strip of white shirts, white shorts but intelligently used the first choice blue socks.


The refs seem more keen to clamp down on the colour of the undergarments than the kit that is worn, rant over !


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