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Reverend & The Makers – Bar Bliss Monday 15th March

There’s been weeks of build up to this, and today, “The biggest gig in town for a very long time,” as boasts a Facebook status from Darren Adams of Bliss and RKid Events, is upon us. “Notapatchon” is invited to turn up and generally get in the way during the day of the Reverend & the Makers gig and in true “Nathan Barley” style can’t turn down the chance for some unashamed liggery. So, everything’s ready?

Rider, Lights, Bar, PA , “Sound Guy” Gary’s massive mixing desk , projector screen , extended stage, ever-expanding and argued-over guestlist and other such gubbins are being prepared. It’s scran time and Team Bliss, (Greg included) take a break, chowing down on such healthy Waterfields delights as “Popeye Rolls” and Easter themed confectionery. Adams is nervous, he must be, he’s off his food! A Sausage Roll is ditched due to it housing “the wrong sausage meat,” the Easter bun thing, ditched for being “too cinnamonny.” Nerves? Excitement? or maybe just that he’d previously cleared the Bakery counter of all the free cakes. You just can’t go back to savoury

Around 1:00pm we hear (via a text to Woody) that the band are about 45 minutes away and true to Rock ‘n’ Roll form “The Reverend” Jon McCLure et al reach the venue about 2 hours later. Apparently someone went AWOL in the services. Maybe they were nervous too. Tour Manager Paul seems so at first, he does as Tour Managers should and inspects his new place of work for the evening. There are two full support bands tonight and (after gear is unloaded) a worry over stage size. After the initial move this , shift that moments, things settle and the crew seem pretty impressed by Gary’s mass of little knobs, the venue is even declared “wedge heavy,” (some monitor type speaker talk – seemingly a good thing).

Crewe had hosted the previous nights gig, a heavy night by all accounts. Slightly weary looking RATM slog cases and bags upstairs to the “Adams Family” flat, kindly donated over for the day.

The Makers now including once Arctic Monkey Andy Nicholson and Ex-Milburner Tom Rowley. Sheffields’ very own Supergroup.

We allow a little time for “settling in” before following them to their “relaxation quarters”, it’s a smoky Living Room, a hazy den of iniquity. Such immoralities as Pro Evo Soccer 2010 , Lap Top tinkering , songwriting and erm.. knitting are taking place. “It’s a snood, a present for.. ” reveals avid knitter Laura (band member and of course The Rev’s Mrs). A fellow South Yorkshiremon, Jon supports Sheffield Wednesday for his sins. “Good point your men on Saturday,” comes our ice-breaker. “We’re fookin’ shiiite mate , lucky to stop up this year”

We chat footie for a while before the Rev’s attention turns to the virtual game being played out in impressive HD. Tom has just won his game and “stays on”. “I’ll play you for a fiver,” bets Jon confidently. Andy refuses , ” I’ve told you I’m not gambling on this tour.” They play anyway and Jon’s Peroni-fuelled Barcelona are destroyed by Rooney, it’s 3-0 with 2 sent off by sixty-odd minutes. Defeat is conceded and the PS3 controller is prematurely relieved of it’s duties.

It’s just before 5 and there’s rumble of hunger in The Reverend’s belly. “Where’s town from here mate?” We don coats , his some great big green quilt of a thing and head off “up Leyth”.

Not wanting to treat you lot too much that’s it for “Bit 1.” We’ll be back with more as two oversized South Yorkshiremen traipse up and down cosmopolitan Bradshawgate in search of a feed. We talk politics, Ian Brown, Northern Soul music and more including of course the gig.

We’ll leave you with a message below for “Adams” from one of  Sheffields’ other songwriter supremo’s.


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