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Found this on a Scouse forum  site, well worth a moment of your time.

(Mental note on a piece of paper, must get his book to read!)

I thought it worth typing out this passage from Bobby Robsons book for your reading pleasure, but first a bit of background.

Robson tells us that his former chairman a multi millionaire aristocrat and fully paid up gentry, but; although he does not use the word, he tells us that John was an alcoholic. He gave Robson full support during his time there and Robson says he “misses him to this day”.

Ipswich had just won the FA Youth Cup for the second time in succession and the Chairman announced that they should have a party to celebrate. I quote from now on:

“He took great pride in his social arrangements. On the night, I suggested, ‘Mr. John, I think you should say a few words to thank everybody for coming, say it has been a wonderful night and say how pleased you are to see everybody.’ The trouble was, he was half smashed. John made me accompany him on to the floor, where I tapped the microphone and announced, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John would like to say a few words.’ In the right circumstances, he was a lovely speaker. I heard him do it sober once or twice and he was amazing. He was a very educated man with an incredibly posh voice. He could swear like a trooper and get away with it because he had that beautiful polished accent.

I was quite relaxed as he began his oration because I knew how good he could be when the mood was right. He began by saying what a wonderful evening it had been and described how proud he was that the club had produced these wonderful players who’d done so well. Then came the punchline. Addressing the parents, John said he wanted them all to go home that night and have ‘a jolly good f***, so the boss can come back here again in eighteen years time and have another FA Youth Cup to celebrate. I nearly died but everybody just stood on their chairs and clapped and cheered. I repeat, John was a terrific guy.”

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