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Rumours are breaking from the Christopher Park that a number of Latics players may have turned up for training this morning. These may have included the likes of ex-Cardiff duo Andrew Taylor and Don Cowie who might have commented on how much they were enjoying their time at the club, if anyone asked them about it.

Also in attendance were members of the coaching team. Their discussions probably included things like, what they’d had for breakfast, how many goals England should have scored last night, whose turn it was to put the cones out today and whether Nada is a patch on Susanna Reid, because that Louise Minchin certainly isn’t. After agreeing that she’s only a Children in Need appearance away from showing her true potential, Graham Barrow possibly went on to express a preference for ’that thin girl that used to do the sport’ that would immediately been dismissed by his colleagues if he had.

Once the banter dies down, it’s expected that skills such as kicking balls and running will be practiced. There were reports that no cans of sugary drinks or popular brands of deep fried snack products were on offer. Once the session has finished, it’s suggested that the players may look for the ping pong balls and bats, to set up a tournament, before remembering that Owen Coyle had taken them with him when he left.

They may then go on to discuss tactics for the next few games including things like, passing to each other, tackling the opposition players, shooting towards the goal and scoring more goals than the other team before retiring for their afternoon naps.

We’ll keep you updated with any breaking news on this as and when we get bored enough to make more stuff (international breaks, eh?) until then, let’s be careful out there.

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