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When the chaps from Latics United dropped this idea in with us yesterday, we thought “what a great idea, let’s leave promoting it until tomorrow, it’ll go down great with a morale boosting performance under our belt.”  We might have got that last bit wrong, but it’s still a great idea and probably more important than ever.

Blackpool away this Saturday is our last ‘big’ away day of the season, to be brutally honest, it might be our last ‘big’ away day in the top two divisions, so let’s do it in style.  Let’s go out wth a celebration of all things Wigan Athletic.  Let’s sing our hearts out and not stop until we leave the ground hoarse (and hopefully with three points).

It’s not about supporting the manager or his players, it’s about singing the praises of our special little club, not hiding underneath a rock in it’s hour of need and, basically, having a good time.

See you there, I’ll be the one gargling and practising my scales at the burger van.


There have been a lot of comments aimed at Latics United since it re-emerged at the beginning of the year, some positive, others critical.
So let’s state here and now: our primary aim is to work collaboratively for the good of the club and we have ideas (and are welcome to other ideas) as to how we can make this happen.
With this in mind, from the sea of despair that we appear to be in on the field, we are asking fans of Wigan Athletic to have a day of celebration at Blackpool this Saturday.
We have had a wonderful twenty years since Dave Whelan took over the club and older fans have plenty other great memories before that to draw upon too.
So let’s celebrate the players who have worn the blue and white, celebrate the trophies and promotions and celebrate the unbelievable history of Wigan Athletic with ninety minutes of noise.
It’s Blackpool away, it’s always a good away day with fans in ahem, boisterous mood so let’s make the most of it as it may be the last chance we get to salvage our season. Who knows – it might even have a positive influence on the pitch.

We originally hoped to come up with “ninety songs in ninety minutes” maybe even featuring ninety players but this press release would be a little bit too long. We also do not want to detract from the efforts of current players.


Nevertheless, here’s some to get you started, some obscure, some well known. Feel free to add your own…….and let’s have a party

Teale will tear you apart again
The Duke, the Duke, the Duke is on fire
Oh Andy Liddell, Andy Andy Andy Liddell
Ole Ole Ole Ole Boycey Boycey
Ooh Peter Skipper, ooh Peter Skipper
We beat Man City with a Watson goal
Super Lee McCulloch
Victor, oh Victor Moses is running down the wing
Na na na na na na na na na Super Mario Mario Super Mario
Super Super James, Super James McCarthy
His name is Andy Lyons, football’s just a branch of science
Ali Habsi is a blue, he hates Bolton
Callum McManaman, Callum McManaman
You do the Shaun Maloney and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about
Jason, Jason de Vos, everyone knows his name
There’s only one Emile Heskey…er no maybe
There’s only one Titus Bramble
Na na na na na na na na na Henri Camara Camara, Henri Camara
Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian KILFORD
Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger, Roger ESPINOZA
De Zeeuw is going to get yer….
Der der der der Jason Roberts
Attack, attack, attack with Tony Black
Paul Scharner wooaahh, he comes from Austria…..
Di Santo Oh! Always believe in your soul….
Do do do Pascal Chimbonda
Who needs Mourinho, we’ve got Paul Jewellio
Roberrrrrto Martinez, Roberrrrrto Martinez
James McClean is magic….
Jordi Gomez, he scores when he wants
There’s only one Roy Carroll
Greeny, Greeny, Greeny
Caldwell is Superman!
Super Stu, Super Stuart Barlow
Charles, Charles will tear you apart again
Na na na na na na na, na na na na HUGO!!
Larry Lloyd’s Blue and White Army
Donny Page, Donny Page, Donny Donny Page, gets the ball and score a goal, Donny Donny Page!
Not forgetting timeless classics such as…

Let’s Hang On
The Great Escape (hmm)
Come on you Latics yo oh oh oh oh
A little Respect
Just can’t get enough
Auto Windscreens, we won it two times
The Hovis Song
Zigger Zagger
We love you Wigan, we do
FA Cup Champions, we know what we are…
We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen
Wigan till I die….
I’m a Beliver
And of course

You Are My Sunshine


The songs can be as obscure as you like, just bring your voices and prepare to make a wall of noise.
Of course, we don’t want to detract from those players on the field so it might even be the time to think up some songs about our newer players yet to make a name for themselves as well.
But for ninety minutes, let’s sing for the team, for players past and present and see where it gets us. Maybe even a rare victory…..
Print this piece off and hand it to your friends! Get your phones out to video it and we’ll show everyone in the world of football that we stick with our team to the end no matter how tough times are….

Blackpool away is probably our last big turnout this season unless things change so let’s go there and ENJOY OURSELVES!!



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