Changing times

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The times are a changing.

I’m not going to dwell on Sunday’s non-event. If it wasn’t for the most baffling refereeing decision you will ever see Latics would have won Sunday’s match comfortably.

Instead a defensive collapse after Curtis Tilt’s dismissal led to Swindon taking the spoils. But we start next season in League One, Swindon will be in League Two.

That’s why Sunday really doesn’t matter.

So the most distressing season in our history is finally at an end and life is flowing back in to the stadium. It’s been heartening to see the club advertising once again for a number of the roles lost during administration.

Administration was painful for supporters but imagine all those people who’s livelihoods relied on the club, not all of them will sadly get their jobs back but hopefully a good number do.

With everything crossed for a return to supporters in a few months, the times are definitely changing and hopefully a brighter future for Wigan Athletic is just around the corner.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what kind of side we can build this summer and in stark contrast to last season hopefully we can retain most of our shining lights from this year rather than worrying about how small the transfer fee that we would receive could be.

There’s a number of players that deserve new deals, most of those on short term contracts definitely deserve new deals if they wish to stay with us whilst completing permanent deals for loan signings such as Curtis Tilt and George Johnston should be top of Leam Richardson’s to do list.

After his standout performances in recent weeks Will Keane is surely one player in with the shout of a new deal. I don’t think much was expected of Will when he arrived in late September. Despite his lofty pedigree as part of the Manchester United academy and experience in both the Premier League and Championship I doubt many would have thought Keane would have as good a season as he had.

Throw in to the mix a lengthy bout of Covid-19 that clearly hampered his performances at the start of the season and it’s a wonder that Keane still managed to finish as Wigan’s leading goalscorer this season. Matching his career total in one season, some players just fit in at Wigan. A certain Nick Powell esquire is one of those and the similarities with Powell and Keane are there for everyone to see.

Be that in their style of football, the injury record or the fact both probably haven’t fulfilled their potential. Keane like Powell also had a taste of Wigan at a higher level when he joined us on loan back in 2013/14.

Keane like Powell before him could well have found a home in Wigan. Let’s hope a new lengthy contract is incoming – it’s the least he deserves.

So as I sign off for the final time this season the message is simple, we did it. Not just the lads on the pitch, not just the boys and girls off it working in the club. But all of us. We stood strong during the storm and have lived to tell the tale.

I look forward to a more peaceful summer than the last. Roll on August.


Sean Livesey

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