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Choose empty seats. Choose Brenda Spencer doing her big shop. Choose slagging off one manager  but getting behind the other, three at the back, one striker and not four four f***ing two. Choose train cans and tapas. Choose your favourite left back. Choose chingalings. Choose ugg boots and a ‘Martinez Out’ sign. Choose a player calling a fan a ‘strap on’. Choose 1932, 1978, 2005 and 2013. Choose “Up The f***in’ Tics”, nacking Wallgate and stopping a bus. Choose missing kick off and being back in the pub by half time. Choose selling your best player every January and replacing him with someone you’ve never even heard of. Choose broken legs and statues. Choose Jordi Gomez. Choose a last minute winner in the FA Cup Final. Choose the Mudhutter.

Yes we’re back and whereas with our portly stature, we might struggle to pass ourselves off as a bunch of Edinburgh smackheads, we bring to you yet another slice of life on the mean streets of Wigan, taking a backwards, sideways and very occasionally forward pass in the name of Wigan Athletic.

The latest issue is brimming with content from subjects as diverse as break dancing and folk music. We take a look at the other Wigan football clubs who could have been contenders and the changing face of the local and national media.  There’s a brilliant interview by Tony Topping with a former player who became a Crocodile Dundee impersonator in North Wales (Clue: it’s not Jason Koumas) and there’s plenty food for thought on the current situ at Wigan Athletic and no less than TWO pieces of poetry, which is quite the touch for a big, butch fanzine like ours.

As ever, we’ll be selling on the bridge tomorrow and opposite Rigalettos, if we can dodge all the face painted, balloon waving Simon Grayson lookalikes and the mag will be in all the shops by the end of today (Friday). It’s in some already but I’ll leave you to guess which ones (OK then Sparks Newsagents on Wallgate and Mesnes Road News)

Subscriptions have gone in the post already – yes, look at me – a model of efficiency! Or rather I’ve been up half the night with toothache and I’m climbing the walls waiting to get in the dentist.

If you want to procure a postal or digital copy, then please follow the link below and have a scratch around in your paypal account:

Next issue out April 8th

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