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Before we get started I should explain a couple of things.  When I refer to ‘this site’ or ‘the site’ or ‘we’ I mean [thas] Not a Patch on Harry Lyon, or any part of it.  When I say content, I mean words, pictures anything that you can see whilst you look at this site.  When I say users, I mean you and any other person who provides or views the content on the site.

This site is unofficial and independent, it is not formally connected or affiliated with any other organisation other than specifically referred to in its policies and especially not Wigan Athletic Football Club.

Finally, I should say that if anyone has any issues with any of the content on this site they should contact the administrators of the site who will attempt to resolve those issues in a friendly way.  Although we make every effort to ensure that the content of the site meets our own rules, it is not always possible to do this immediately that content is published, nor is it possible to imagine every possible issue that someone may have with something else.

All content held on this site is the responsibility of the user who submitted it.  The site holds no responsibilities for any harm, damage or offence caused by its users.  Views presented on this site are the sole views of the author and are not intended to reflect the views of the site as a whole or any other person or organisation.

By submitting content to the site all users accept responsibility for any harm, damage or offence caused by its users.  Accepting that responsibility does not give you free reign, we respect freedom of expression and the right to reply but expect all users to show respect for others and keep within legal boundaries at all times. 

The site will not tolerate personal attacks or abuse of any kind or content intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, we accept no liability for content that does this, but will remove any such content at the earliest opportunity.However we recognise that the nature of the site means that some level of disagreement and conflict is inevitable and as long as users remain within the terms of this document.

Whilst we encourage open debate any content that breaks the law or encourages others to do so it not acceptable and we will remove it and reserve the right to take legal action or report the user to the appropriate authorities as appropriate.

Location, Location, Location
This site is based in the United Kingdom and its primary language is English.  We recognise that not all it’s users will have English as a first language, nor will they have the same understanding of words and their meanings in different contexts.

We also recognise that there will be cultural differences between users on the site and that this may lead to misunderstanding and offence where no was intended.

Where offence is caused in these circumstances the site will seek to resolve the issue between the two parties, however where there is no clear intended breech of the terms of this document or the law we reserve the right to protect users’ rights to free expression.The site is bound by the law applicable in the United Kingdom readers from other areas should take care that the content that they read is acceptable under any law to which they are subject.

FACTs and advice
We’re football fans, you’re probably a football fan, this means that 90% of what we say and write is utter tosh based on gut reaction.  You should not take any of the content of this site to be either factual or advice.  Even if something appears to be factual or advice you act on it at your own risk and this site holds no liabilities.

If you believe something to be incorrect then you have the right of reply, but bear in mind what I have already said, your view will legally hold no more validity than someone else’s.

If you believe that something is deliberately misleading then let us know and we will seek to remedy the situation.

You should remember that everyone makes mistakes, even you, and although you may feel harmed or upset by content on this site, it was probably not what the other person intended.

On this site you will find links to other websites, the site holds no responsibility for what lies behind those links.  Users should take care when posting links and make it clear what they are (or intend) to link to and must not deliberately mask links to other sites.If users click on a link and it takes them somewhere other than they thought they were going or where they end up causes them any kind of offence then that is not the responsibility of this site.

We’ve already said that content submitted to this site is the responsibility of the user submitting it, on the same basis the user retains ownership of the content and is able to reproduce it elsewhere as they wish.

However by submitting content to the site a user gives the site and it’s administrators permission to reproduce it elsewhere for the purposes of promoting the site or interests resulting from it.

When submitting content to the site, a user is, unless otherwise stated, claiming either that they own the content or have sought appropriate permission to use it.  If the user is not the owner of the content, we expect them to credit the proper owner.Equally, where content from this site is to be reproduced elsewhere, other than by the owner, we expect this site to be properly credited.

That’s about it for now.  Remember that any of the above is subject to change.  Above all else remember that this site s intended as a community and not a money making scheme.  We hold no liability (financial or otherwise) for harm, damage or offence that content of the site causes, but are happy to resolve any issues with parties who feel that they have been caused harm, damage or offence by the content of the site.

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