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What does Paul Merson Know, eh?  It’s not like he’s ever achieved anything in the game, is it?


Everyone, I’ve spoken to since Merse’s prediction that Latics would surprise people this year, by struggling, has focussed on the negatives in the statement.  In fact it’s put the right Rodney Marshes up some people but you can’t help thinking that they’re missing a point or two here.



Latics, surprise, struggling.  You can get three decent pairs of words out of those three, and yet we have Merse here telling us that he’s putting the three together, you know, like we’re Everton or Spurs or something.  Don’t get me wrong, things have improved since 2005 but we’re far from being part of the fixtures and fitting around here  and you don’t go from surprise package at one end of the table to a surprise at the other in the space of nine months.


So what’s Merson actually trying to tell us?  Because it shouldn’t surprise anyone if we flirt with the bottom three at some point this season.  Well he’s telling us that he, and more importantly the people in his trade, thinks that Latics shouldn’t be doing that sort of thing anymore.


‘Latics in Relegation Battle’ hardly has you gasping as a headline, but here’s one of Sky’s pundits telling us that it should do.  The club have obviously crossed some kind of a line, without us noticing.  If Charlie, Thommo and Le Tiss see us as part of the furniture, then we must be, right?

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