Manchester, so much to answer for

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The notapatchon playlist #6

It’s been a while since the last notapatchon playlist predominately, as with most things around here, because I’m lazy.  I was thinking about that after the little perm dragged me out of bed at way too early o’clock this morning when I was trying to put a plan of attack together for my afternoon/night out in Manchester (a bit hard when your cohorts are safely tucked up in bed).  “Manchester, so much to answer for” sang Morrissey all those years back, his line might have had more sinister connotations, but the line is true on so many levels, not least in regard to my music tastes.

Whether it be through The Smiths, Factory Records, it’s proximity for gigs, dance music or all end of other knobs and twiddles Manchester’s influence looms large across my music collection.  It might not all be from Hulme or Ardwick or even Didsbury or Wythenshawe but just like all roads lead to Rome, all middle eights lead to Manchester in one way or another (actually they probably all lead to a hut on the Mississippi delta but not until they’ve stopped off at Aflecks for a pair of vintage 501s).

Anyway, on with the show, and some examples of what the hell I’m waffling on about.

Get the playlist on Spotify or scroll to the bottom for a youtube version (with some replacements).

Track listing:

Transmission – Joy Division
Something’s Gone Wrong Again – Buzzcocks
The Only Rhyme That Bites – 808 State ft MC Tunes
The Storm – World of Twist
The Perfect Kiss – New Order
Kathy Come Home – The Mock Turtles
John, I’m Only Dancing – The Chameleons
Rockin’ Robin – The Hollies
Pounding – Doves
Won’t Stop Loving You – A Certain Ratio
Kuff Dam – Happy Mondays
White Rabbit – Duritti Column
Fat Kids in Photographs – I am Kloot
Acrylic (acoustic) – The Courteeners
Connected – Stereo MCs
How High – The Charlatans
You Make No Bones – Alfie
Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter – Herman’s Hermits
Disillusion – Badly Drawn Boy
Beautiful Thing – Haven
Powder Blue – Elbow
Your Star Will Shine – Stone Roses
Bingo Master’s Breakout – The Fall
What Difference Does it Make? – The Smiths

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