Critical two week blog day 10

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7am – 8am

The calm before the storm, a day when very little is likely to happen in terms of Latics. I turn on SSN to hear the platitudes towards Wigan’s magnificent performance at Wembley. But no instead its wall to wall Manchester with talk on United’s final home game for Ferguson and the new incumbent Moyes along with speculation as to whether Mancini was going to be sacked.

Wigan’s magnificent F.A.cup very much a footnote.

Ditto the snippets I hear on talk sport on the way to work, why did the two Manchester clubs have to announce their managers departures rumoured departures the week of our most magnificent achievement in our 81 year history

Mood………………….annoyed    stress levels 20%


9am – 5pm

Spend all day trying to avoid all talk of football as I am getting stressed re relegation but too many people know my football allegiance and want to talk about the game. Smile politely and say how wonderful it was but inside my guts are churning.

Mood………………………..nervous      stress levels  50% and rising


Stop at Mesnes road to pick up my Independent  and decide to get a Wigan post ( still call it the evening post and chronicle but still call Bovril Beef tea, some things ever change) . Touched by the article on Boyce and young Joseph and Boyce’s decision to carry Joseph onto the pitch rather than wheel him on. Shows what a fantastic guy he is and what a tremendous fan orientated club we are.

Mood………………………….proud   stress levels 30%


So Wigan won the F.A.Cup so why is there only one page on the game and six pages on the two Manchester clubs. Two pages of comment by the Independents excellent  top sports columnists and not a word on Wigan’s win, a win which put the magic back in the F.A.Cup.

Mood ……………………..frustrated        stress levels   40%


Watch some of the championship play off game between Brighton and Palace, See an excellent performance by Zaha but wonder how much McManaman is now worth following his man of the match performance on Saturday. If we are to bounce back if we go down we need to keep hold of Callum and build the team around his flair and creativity.

Mood……………………… contemplative              stress levels 30%


Son tells me Mancini has left City. What madness, if you get sacked for not winning the Premier League what price the other 90 managers who haven’t won the game and what happens if the new City manager doesn’t win the league next season, does he get sacked after one season?

Mood……………………………incredulous       stress levels  a stable 30%

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