Critical two week blog day 14

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Its Friday which is always a positive, early morning caffeine shot always tastes better on a Friday and last game of season looms. I wonder if we will play in next season’s kit to publicise it before its launched? I suspect not as they wont want it to be associated with relegation. Fresh start next season with a fresh kit. No idea on the kit but as we seem to alternate between mainly blue and blue and white  stripes I suspect the former.

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Receive news that McManaman is out for three months with an ankle injury sustained in Arsenal game. Not sure whether Newcastle fans practice voodoo but I am sure many of them will show no sympathy to young Callum missing out on the England U 21 competition.

I didn’t see the injury on Tuesday so don’t know actually what happened. For Wigan this injury could be a positive in that he is unlikely to be fit before the closure of the transfer window so keeping him at the club until Jan at the earliest.

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Attend a meeting at Warrington and run into yet another City fan, they must be sick of seeing me this week, yet again though he was very gracious in defeat and their fans at Wembley were a credit to their club in marked contrast to the United fans in the Carling Cup final.

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Chat to a Latics fan who went to Wembley for the weekend and it sounds like one hell of a party. Here that Wigan under 16 played Liverpool off the park the night before and won 3-2 which bodes well for the future. Worry is as an academy level 2 we are pray to level one clubs pinching our best players and as we are now a championship club Wigan lacks the lure of an Everton etc.

Conversation turns to Mr Whelan’s comments a couple of years ago about job losses if we go down, even with parachute payments I doubt they will offset the loss of revenue and am worried that jobs will go at DW in a town where unemployment is already high.

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Its not even the end of the season and already the vultures are circling, first up Di Santo to WBA. Not good enough for the P.L. in my opinion but guy works hard and wish him all the best. Soem better players than him out of contract who I will be sad to lose in Figgy, Alcaraz and Boyce although hope Boyce will sign on for another season at least. Emerson Boyce is a fine ambassador for the club and ranks up there with Matt Jackson as the finest individual in my time to represent the club both on and off the pitch.

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See thread on Boyce with link to Aylesbury newspaper, Glowing tributes to Boyce as a youth with the revelation that he was a 70 goals a season goal scorer. So we’ve been playing him out of position. What next ? Gomez in goal, Caldwell in defence J

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Text conversation with John Earls Umbrella, seems like more people are coming round to Bob leaving based on his comments at his press conference today although it seems its more what he didn’t say than what he did. No one can begrudge Bob wanting to try himself with a bigger club. I am not his biggest fan, I think we are too negative in the first half of each season and he never managed to create a team that could defend a lead or kill a team off and if you look at the number of games Swansea drew in the season he managed them in the championship it was a fault back then as well.

Still he showed a rare loyalty to us when bigger clubs came calling and his tactics last week secured us our first ever major trophy and for that we will be eternally grateful although when Sawdoctor, Springfield and I were freezing our nuts off at Macclesfield I wasn’t that charitable.

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