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Spent a good part of the night thinking about the future of Wigan. I have no doubt a percentage of fans will stop attending which is a shame as the club has worked hard to build its fan base. We have the highest number of under 16 season ticket holders of current Premier League clubs and hopefully they will stay and grow.

One of our biggest selling points has been the price of our season tickets and its hoped that they will stay the same price or similar to retain our existing fan base. We need to start the new season strongly and build momentum towards a return to the Premier League, a poor start and numbers will no doubt fall as they do at many other football clubs.

I know many people who watch Latics even though they are supporters of other clubs because of the price of tickets and the quality of football on offer and it remains to eb seen whether they will continue.

Ditto our overseas supporters who travel in increasing numbers from Europe. Its to be hoped that we can retain them and grow our global fan base which is what keeps the big clubs solvent.

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Conversation with Sawdoctor on how to spend the summer. Very few BBQ’s I assume due to the gulf stream stimulating our inclement weather. Settle on ladies beach volleyball but not seen much of it in Wigan park

Mood…………………………hopeful     stress levels 10%


Text conversations with various Wigan fans about the decision to put the F.A.cup tour of honour on at 5pm when many Wigan fans will be struggling to get home. I for one will miss it which is a shame. Not sure whether the cup will get a lap of honour on Sunday but given the post season pitch invasions of recent seasons I doubt it.

Mood…………………………disappointed     stress levels 30%


Look online and twitter and there seems to be a percentage of fans trying to convince others that being in the Championship is bad, more honest football, no prima donnas etc. Sorry I don’t subscribe tot hat theory, you always want to play at the top of your game and the premier league si that. Quality of players and fare offered will be reduced as will crowds and atmosphere. If you subscribe to the more honest football mantra I suggest you switch to none league football such as Chorley, Burscough and Skem, three clubs I go to see when I can. The football is entertaining but naturally isn’t of anywhere near the standard of the P.L. and I believe that the style of play of the Championship is miles away from the P.L.

Mood…………………………frustrated     stress levels 30%



Thoughts turn to curries ( as they do most nights) Following the success of our TNS nights out its time we had another one. Will suggest to Phil about organising one as he appears to be a natural concern party secretary.


Delighter Maloney has been recognised for his performances this season. He is a real talent and the stories that he wants to stay are good news indeed. There is still a nagging doubt that Mr Whelan will need to sell him, McCarthy and Kone to fund his rebuilding of WAFC with so many players out of contract who are most likely to go. Hear Di Santo may be off to the Baggies, good luck to him. I don’t think he is P.L. striker material but he tries his best.

For the record;

My Player of the season………………Figueroa

My Goal of the season………………..Watson at Wembley naturally

Young Player of the year…………….Callum McManaman

Mood…………………….calm        stress levels   10% 

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