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Saturday , no work but no lie in as son is working today, pick up my Independent and even though Saturday’s edition has articles on the previous weeks football from well respected columnists  our F.A.Cup win and subsequent relegation don’t even rate a mention. No mention of Bob either on going or staying.

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Twitter debate on Bob, a lot seem to think DW will go for Jones if Bob does go but I am not so sure as he had his fingers burnt with Hutchins when he replaced PJ.

I think he will look at out of work managers with a proven track record and I still believe McLaren is the favourite. Thankfully Bob has promised DW a quick decision after tomorrow’s game giving the new manager if he does go time to build and plan for our promotion and Europe campaign.

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Speak to a coupe of fans who are doubtful about going tomorrow due to the emotion of being relegated. Its raw for sure but I have to go, wont stay for the lap of honour but I never do anyhow. Steeling myself to endure 3000 Villa fans signing going down. Have gone to Villa Park and watched us play them off the park its credit to Lambert that he’s kept them up and I still believe that had we lost to Macclesfield we would have stayed up. Premier league or F.A.Cup winners? A debate which will sustain us through the summer.

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Receive the news that as F.A.Cup winners we are straight into the group stages for the Europa league, looking at some of the clubs in there , there are some great names of European football such as Feyenoord, Braga, AZ Alkmaar, St Etienne. Would love a Dutch sojourn having done Latics 3 pre season visits over there but not sure re Feyenoord as their fans are a “bit lively” .

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Thoughts turning to team selection for tomorrow, still stick by my view that as a statement of intent Bob should select 11 players who are under contract next season for the game tomorrow and win or lose we will see what they’re made of. Fyvie, McArthur , Espinoza will be key players next season. Might struggle fielding a defence though as all of them with the exception of Caldwell and the injured Ramis seem to be out of contract and maybe Lopez.

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Check out newsnow, most of Latics stories are rehashed speculation but one totally unsubstantiated story links three key players in my opinion to our aim of returning to the premier league….Maloney, Watson and Boyce being linked with a move to Hull. I’m sure this will be the first of many but we need to retain as many of our experienced players as we can.

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1.30pm – 3.15pm

Watch the play off final and its safe to say Nicholls doesn’t have a good first half, conceeding three goals although in fairness he was let down by his defence.

A couple of good saves in either half show his promise though but another season on loan will do him good.

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Paul Kendrick tweets that Bob stated in Friday’s press conference that all our out of contract players will be leaving this summer. A debate then starts as t whether that’s all 8 or just 5 or 3 or whatever. My opinion is that 6 will definitely go with maybe Boyce and Golobart staying. What is clear is that with our loanees returning to their parent clubs and possibly a couple of our key under contract players attracting interest such as McCarthy and Kone then we could lose more than half of our current squad leaving us with a largely unproven squad and the need to but at least ten new players and get them to gel in six weeks. This sounds like a big task.

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Check the electronic media both the internet and twitter, looks like a groundswell of opinion that Bob is going possibly to Everton. I haven’t been his biggest fan and would be surprised that he didn’t feel that he should try and get us back up but in the end he gave us four years and as the joint 8thlongest serving manager out of the 92 clubs can we really expect anything else.

Thoughts now turn to his replacement with more and more people saying it will be Graham Jones who has no experience as a manager and I cannot remember hearing him comment during his four years at Wigan so I have absolutely no idea what his mantra is although if he is appointed I am sure we will hear plenty from him.

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