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Bloody hell a lie in, the calm before the storm no doubt as Wembley beckons. Hoping for a quiet day but switch mobile on to find text from John Earls Umbrella to say that Owen Coyle is second favourite behind Graeme Jones for the Latics managers job if Bob leaves. Please God no, even our country cousins from Horwich wouldn’t wish him on us.

Mood ……………………prayerful             stress levels 80%


More texts, this one from Faz who states McLaren may be in the frame, this provokes a negative response from some as he will always me remembered as the “wally with the brolley”  but his record at ‘Boro and FC Twente was good, not with a lot of money which would appeal to DW…and its a better option than Coyle And there’s a marketing opportunity to consider as the club shop could sell replica brollies. Do we have to learn Dutch ?

We could do a lot worse than McLaren, he knows the game inside out and didn’t get the England job by being rubbish. Imagine Tony Pulis coming in? He would have us playing hoof ball and singing Delilah ( which was written by John Barry Mason from Coppull) instead of tippy tappy and i’m a believer.

Mood ……………………frivolous   stress levels  20%


News that Beausejour looks like he’s out for the season. Not his biggest fan but he puts over a fine cross, defends ok and is the best trapper of a ball in the club. Lacks a bit of bottle and pace but provides a better choice at left back than Roger who looked out of place on Tuesday. Jones was on the bench on Tuesday and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start on Saturday.

Mood……………..ruminative                   stress levels 20%


Read that Joseph Kendrick of Josephs’ goal fame is the Latics mascot on Saturday. What a fantastic gesture for an incredibly brave little boy and will hopefully gain some publicity for a condition that is not well known about.

Mood…………………………..delighted stress levels   10%


Look on the official site and see the photo with Sean O Loughlin and Shaun Wane with a Latics shirt wishing us good luck for Saturday. Nice to see, I’m not a fan of either code of rugby( baseball my number 2 sport) but really is the town big enough for both sets of fans to be at war with each other? I have been guilty of biting at tweets post etc as much as anyone and defend my club but try and do it in a rational way. Then read twitter comments from grown rugby fans who should know better. And the catalyst for all this animosity goes back 30 years so isn’t it time we moved on?

Mood ……………………………… musing stress levels stable at 10%


So Moyes is the new Man U manager, no doubt increasing the chances of Bob a job… Everton. Hope the uncertainty doesn’t affect the players for Saturday. Cant see Bob turning it down as he will get a reputation if he’s turned down three jobs and DW is once again saying he will go sooner rather than later.

Listening to talk sport, a good few Everton fans would accept Martinez unlike Liverpool fans who felt he wasn’t a big enough manager. Funny how none of the Manchester United fans phoning in had Manchester accents.

Mood…………………..pensive stress levels 20% ( long day)


Fill my car with petrol for the Wembley jaunt £70 and I only drive a Renault, at I will have to fill up again in London for journey home. Price is ridiculous, so with three tickets costing a total of £195, £80 petrol, £12 tube fare plus food and drink costs there is no change out of £300 and we get called shit fans!

Mood…………………………is skint a mood ? stress levels 40%


Early night beckons, need my beauty sleep, resisting calls from a certain TNS poster (who will remain nameless )to remove my shirt at Wembley if we win in a vain attempt to get on TV. To use the old saying, ”my body’s a temple it used to be a kebab house.” I’m shy and still get undressed in the dark in the wardrobe.

Mood………………..tired stress levels a pre Wembley 20%

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