Disorganised defence

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Ever have one of those days when you just turn up and everything falls majestically into place? No, neither do we!

With one of us running late, two others badly prepared (what, we’re meant to prepare for this thing?) and Jimmy only doing 2 pages of notes instead of his usual 5, we can only apologise if things sound a tad disjointed.

We plough on regardless with our favourite Leicester City tweets before recapping on the names for our Latics band, provisionally named The Shy Talks.

Moving on, we get into the swing of things with a few rounds of “The one who got away” reminiscing about the players we tried to sign and failed, which ends up, as farcical as it sounds now, with Whelan making Michael Owen an offer he could (and did) refuse.

We move on to the Villa game and what we learnt from it: warm ups aren’t what they used to be; Chris doesn’t like Villa fans and you still get wet when it rains in the South Stand. All seemingly desperate to avoid any mention of the actual match.

The game does get a mention along with the appointment of Barrow and the removal of Joyce. There’s a bit of cautious optimism for our new cavalier approach, even though it still yielded no goals.

We discuss whether it matters or not if a manager has any past association with the club or not, and what sort of manager we need to find.

Given the perpetual divide between the fans, it’s apparent already that it will be impossible to please everyone, certainly if that title winning fella from a few months ago was to return, before discussing the grim financial outlook of the future and how that impacts our ability to survive beyond next year.

And with that we bid farewell to Warren Joyce the gentlest way we can, with a farewell from Jimmy Ruffin.

The second half begins with us deciding live on air how to organise our caption competition and a very funny contributor led section, albeit it only works if you have the relevant picture in front of you.

What follows is perhaps the most reluctantly telly section we’ve had where we discuss how all sitcoms are sh*t these days without really providing evidence as to why. All time best sitcoms and what we’re all watching are briefly covered with all the enthusiasm of a Warren Joyce press conference before we all decide that we’d prefer to listen to the Alan Partridge audio books.

After that shambles goes on for a little bit too long, we attempt to talk International football but, predictably as ever, we quickly revert to ditching England and talking about our ahem, adopted team, Belgium and how they are likely to fare and which manager is wearing what.

Sorry. It’s just one of those nights where every topic we end up introducing ends with us talking about shorts or pie barms. Shambolically,  we close with some Ipswich  things, which may well sound uncannily similar to the last set of Ipswich things we did in December. Oops. Rehashing stuff already!

There’s a brief discussion of the prospects for the next few games to wrap things up with a bit of “let’s just go out there and enjoy it” mentality before things eventually turn slick as we close with the ever smooth Massive Attack.

Now there’s two words certainly not heard too often in the Wigan area this season……

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