Finally some respite from the Chimbonda saga?

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  As of this morning Pascal Chimbonda is in the squad for the Newcastle game and indications are that he’s prepared for continuing his time in a Latics shirt, at least for the time being. He’s stopped short of withdrawing his transfer request but a chat with Paul Jewell earlier this week has settled his nerves and shown him the light as far as his continued stay in Wigan goes.

Of course he’s always been happy at the club and of course he loves the manager and the fans, he’s bound to be impressed by the ambition shown in the transfer market. Or he is until someone is prepared to snatch him away from it all that is.

Am I being overly cynical? I suppose I could be. The player has shown enough naivety over the last 12 months to suggest that he really didn’t know what was going on, that he really thought he was doing the right thing and that all he wants is to play at a higher level. I suppose he does, but until he admits some regret to his actions, I’ll take it all with a full bag of salt please.

It seems that Jewell, like me, hasn’t taken his disrespect to heart. He wants him at the club, and in the team, but that’s far from being a universal view. Many eyes will be on movements at the Riverside and White Hart Lane, in a vain hope that Southgate or Jol will come round to the idea that £6 million is the going price for an unsettled and relatively unproven fullback.

I could be eating my hat come the end of August, but I can’t see that happening and as long as we don’t get into the realms of offering him a new contract then the ‘as long as he’s wearing the shirt’ rule applies.

If he does play at St James’ then it’s likely to be on the right wing but his presence in the squad gives us cover at right back and if he buggers off come January then the return of Ryan Taylor will cushion the blow.

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