Five go mad in Wigan Central

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You may well have missed it given it was released the day before everyone headed off to Blackpool to go and get in a drunken stupor but the latest Pie At Night podcast is now online.

Featuring five of the Mudhutter’s less inflammatory commentators and weighing in at just over 80 minutes, the lads cover a host of Latics related topics along with the big issues of the day from the world at large recorded live at a very noisy Wigan Central.

There’s a review of the last few games, we dare to dream about the return of Jordi Gomez and there’s a confessional about Premier League footballers and League One chairmen whose phone numbers you may have mistakenly acquired.

We do a feature on opposition players we love to hate and we ask just what IS so great about Great George Street? We ask is everyone sick of Leicester already and whether Bobby Martinez is going to get the boot.

There’s pie and pub chat and name dropping of celebrities (and Bill Kenyon) who didn’t quite live up to their expectation while the music takes on a distinctly funky vibe with tunes from !!!, De Lux and Kill-J.

Dylan tells us about the time he booked Mark E Smith and had to drag him out of Harry’s Bar an hour after the gig was meant to start and we wrap up with a bit of Blackpool chat.

As ususal, you can find the podcast on soundcloud (below) or via your favourite podcast app…



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