Football transfer system to be abolished.

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You find a better job, you go and see your boss, hand in your week/month notice etc and then work your notice before off to pastures new.

So why can’t footballers ? ( As Spock would say “it’s illogical” )

That is the thorny question the Worlds Players Union FIFPRO is now asking, it could and probably/possibly end up in the European Courts just like the Bosman ruling did and no-one thought that would now become the norm.

It would certainly hand more power to the players, the following is a statement from the FIFPRO website …..

New details relating to FIFPro’s legal challenge to overhaul the transfer system will be presented today at the opening of a two-day European General Assembly, in Dublin.

Following the success of last week’s presentation in Guatemala, where member countries across Division America united behind the initiative, FIFPro turns its attention to Europe as the campaign enters a critical phase of strategic global alignment.

The 2014 General Assembly of FIFPro Division Europe, with more than 70 guests in attendance, will be held in the Banking Hall of Dublin’s Westin Hotel.

The 29 European countries which make up more than half of FIFPro’s membership base are being prepared to rally around the significant roles they will each play in this transforming process.

Taking inspiration from the impact the landmark Jean-Marc Bosman ruling of 1995 had on freedom of movement and football’s global landscape, FIFPro has again identified the legal framework within the European Union as the most suitable avenue to form its complaints.

FIFPro Secretary-General Theo van Seggelen said: “We are energised by the response from our member unions worldwide, and cautiously optimistic that the law is on our side.”

“We have an enormous opportunity, together with all stakeholders, to fundamentally improve the game.”

“However, it is clear that FIFPro needs to take the lead on this as discussions with other stakeholders expose an unhealthy willingness to effectively maintain the status quo.”

“This goes beyond FIFPro’s traditional role to safeguard the rights of the players. We also intend to prove that through the failings of the transfer system the football industry has become its own worst enemy.”

“We’ve concluded that more forceful action is needed to bring about change, and four months on since we announced the challenge there is no intention to change our strategy.”

The general objectives of FIFPro’s challenge to the transfer system fall under the following points:

Safeguard the workers’, social and fundamental rights of professional footballers as well as their fundamental economic freedoms

Create a balance of powers between employers and employees on the football labour market

Improve the sustainability, economic and competitive balance of the football industry through new regulatory mechanisms targeting the product market

Improve football’s governance of labour relations through improved working standards and access to impartial arbitration or labour courts

Eliminate harmful and counter-productive restraints of trade

Eliminate ineffective and unsustainable financial practices such as inflated agent fees and third-party ownership
FIFPro is the exclusive collective international voice of the world’s professional footballers.

With a total 55 member countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, FIFPro represents an estimated 65 thousand players worldwide.

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