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It’s never too late! The one thing I can safely say during Warren Joyce’s tenure is that results and performances have been all over the place. This, therefore, can be construed as a good thing too! It arguably means that in our next game we could perform completely differently.

If we perform completely differently against Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham than we did against QPR and Forest, then it must be a good thing surely? The biggest unknown as I write these notes concerns whether the manager himself will be fit to attend these games, which, given the magnitude of the fixtures isn’t ideal.

The wall of silence could be a bad thing, is there something the club isn’t telling us? Or it could be a good thing, a deliberate ploy to galvanise behind closed doors, get the win at Ewood Park on Saturday and then hit the fans with the rallying call on Sunday. We can but speculate.

Our previous record at the Rovers isn’t exactly glowing with wins and they got their first under Tony Mowbray midweek. I must admit that whereas a lot of people laughed at the appointment, I actually think Mowbray is a decent manager who has made some bad choices of clubs.

I recall him taking West Brom to the Championship title, only for the goodwill to erode away as the patient passing game he favoured didn’t get the desired results in the higher division (sound familiar?). With the right environment, he is undoubtedly a half decent manager, but quite whether the saga at Blackburn represents that environment I’m not sure.

Elsewhere, Burton appear to be pulling clear, and if it wasn’t directly impacting us, I’d be pleased for them. However, Bristol City are getting firmly dragged into the mire. What other teams do is completely irrelevant unless we can string a few wins together however.

There’s no point me being critical over our past results because as I say, things can change very quickly. Whereas it may look terribly grim right now, IF (read this in Size 72 font please as it is a very, very big IF) the other teams around us struggle and we somehow start scoring and winning then we could be in a lot healthier position in a matter of days, let alone weeks.

I don’t like to put the boot into the club or individuals who have made mistakes over the years as we have had so many good times watching Wigan Athletic and a distinct lack of bad times over the last 20 years, and bad times are something no football club is immune from.

So what can I say without bursting into a chorus of Chumbawumba, except enjoy the ride, even if this particular “ride” has you tearing your hair out in frustration at present.

First published in the Wigan Evening Post’s 12th Man column on Friday 3rd March 2017

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